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Lissy Kaufmann

Sakranut, the Hebrew word for curiosity and the name of this blog, is what drives me and the reason why I became a journalist. 

Since October 2011, I report about people, their stories, their lives and their problems. I look for stories behind the political surface of the Middle East conflict, stories about the society that lie behind the daily news. Also, I deal with questions about religious life in the Middle East.

I mainly produce radio reports and write coverages and protraits for magazines and newspapers.

German Journalist School (2009-2011)
University of München, MA in Journalism (2009-2011)
Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA (2008)
University of Tübingen, BA in Political Science and American Studies (2005-2009)

McCloy Fellowship of the American Council on Germany – reserach trip through the USA (July, August 2012)
Fellowship „Trialogue of Cultures“ of the Herbert Quandt Foundation – seven month of journalistic research in Israel (2011-2012)
Fellowship of the Fazit-Foundation during the training at the German Journalist School (2009-2011)

Lissy Kaufmann

Lissy Kaufmann

newspapers and magazines
Tagesspiegel/ Page 3, Politics
Badische Zeitung/Page 3
Jüdische Allgemeine/Israel
Münchner Merkur/ Page 3
Bayerische Staatszeitung/ Page 3
Abendzeitung / coverage page
Spiegel Online/ university, career
dpa/ office Munich
Sonntag Aktuell/ Stuttgarter Nachrichten
Die Welt
MENSCHEN.das magazin (Aktion Mensch)
Biss – Bürger in sozialen Schwierigkeiten
Yoga Journal

radio and tv
creation and organization of the show Sakranut for the Israeli-Palestinian radio station All for Peace
Bayern 2 – Orange
DRadio Wissen – Globus
DRadio Kultur – Aus der Jüdischen Welt
DRadio Kultur – Religionen
WDR 2 – Weltzeit

Bayerischer Rundfunk (Abendschau, Freizeit)


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